Products & Services

Network Performance & Optimization Services

With an experienced team of network performance and optimization engineers, our services offered include:

  • Network performance audits
  • Network benchmarking among operators
  • 2G, 3G and 4G drive testing and analysis
  • Parameter and network feature optimization
  • Network statistics analysis
  • Troubleshooting and performance optimization
  • VIP complaint handling
  • Quality and capacity optimization

Our team are skilled and familiar with network optimization tools like:

  • Nemo outdoors, test UE
  • TEMS 12.x & 14.x, Test UE W995 Ascom Multiband scanner
  • PCTel Scanner
  • Genex Probe and Assistant

Our RNO Service Framework Structure:

Defined in several stages approach & services:

Stage 1: RNO Definition Phase

  • Getting all information needed for
  • optimization
  • Establish KPI & Performance Objectives
  • Determine working parameters
  • Setting scope and responsibility between departments

Stage 2: First Stage Optimization Services

  • Ensuring network is performing as
  • designed  and to meet kPIs Statistical Analysis, parameter audit, frequency plan review, site data audits, consistency checks
  • As built drive test
  • Change request / update site /
  • Parameter database change, and
  • monitoring

Stage 3: Continuous Optimization

  • Continuously looking to improve network performance
  • Identifying problems before they become serious and recommends cost effective solutions